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Analysis of Shun Loong mechanical characteristics of worm drive

Update Time :2013-08-14The view :2923

A transmission ratio, compact structure. Worm Head as Z1 represents (general Z1 = 1 ~ 4), worm gear teeth with Z2 representation. From the gear ratio formula I = Z2/Z1 can be seen, when Z1 = 1, ie, a single head worm, the worm will be diverted Z2 turn worm before a turn, thereby enabling large transmission ratio, generally in power transmission, the taking transmission ratio I = 10-80; indexing mechanism in, I up to 1000. Such as using such a large drive gear, you need to adopt a multi-stage transmission job, so the worm drive, compact structure, small size and light weight.

2 smooth transmission, no noise. Because the worm gear is uninterrupted helical teeth meshing with the worm wheel when it is continuous, without entering and exiting the worm gear meshing process, so smooth, shock, vibration, noise are relatively small.

3 has a self-locking. Worm helix angle is small, the worm can only drive worm gear, worm and worm wheel can not drive rotation.

4 worm drive efficiency is low, generally considered more efficient than worm drive gear is low. Especially those with self-locking worm drive, the efficiency of 0.5 or less, the general efficiency of only 0.7 to 0.9.

5 heat, the tooth surface easy to wear, and high cost.

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