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Gap adjustment arm and Features

Update Time :2013-08-14The view :3474

Gap adjustment arm and Features

With brake wear, brake clearance increases, manual adjustment is not timely and randomness can cause inconsistent gap between the brake, the brake response times, wheel deviation, or drift the vehicle braking system. To solve the above problems, the need for regular inspections and brake clearance adjusted manually, and keep constant the same. Drum brake clearance is adjusted by the camshaft and the brake chamber between a connecting rod system - to achieve the brake arm, the interior of the brake arm having a worm and worm gear, worm wheel driven by adjusting worm drive cam rotation, eliminate excess friction between the gap.

Gap adjustment arm is set within the brake arm automatic adjustment mechanism driven cam rotation, eliminating friction between the setting of the excess gap outer brake clearance. Gap adjustment arm has the following characteristics.

⑴ ensure each wheel brake consistent with a constant brake clearance, making the car more responsive braking, balanced, effective and shorten the braking distance, even if the thickness of each wheel brake shoe inconsistent, varying degrees of wear, braking can guarantee best performance, which is in the axle from different manufacturers, brake and friction materials are not particularly important at the same time, manual adjustment is due to the different periodic brake wear and tear caused by the difference between the gap between the different brakes, resulting in uneven distribution of braking force .

⑵ shorten the braking reaction time, reduce the consumption of compressed air. By eliminating redundant space, so brake chamber in the shortest possible stroke, the optimal implementation of the braking work area to obtain optimum braking performance, shortest braking reaction time and minimal air consumption.

⑶ easy installation, easy maintenance.

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