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Shun Lung Machine tells you how to solve the noise reduction gear box gear?

Update Time :2013-08-14The view :4890

How can we solve in the production of gear noise reduction gearbox problem then? Following on from the Shun Lung Machinery Co., Ltd. Wenling tells you how to deal with.

The quality control of raw materials: high-quality raw materials is a prerequisite for high quality products, our company has the largest amount of material 40Cr and 45 steel gears. No matter by what means, raw materials to the factory must go through rigorous testing chemical composition, grain size determination, purity assessment. Its purpose is to adjust the heat deformation and improve the quality of tooth machining.

1, the control gear

accuracy: precision gears basic requirements: proven, precision gears must be controlled in GB10995-887 ~ 8 grade line faster than 20m / s gear, pitch limit deviation, ring gear runout tolerance, tooth tolerances must be stable to reach seven accuracy. 7 precision gear is reached in case the teeth to pour shuttle, to

prevent tooth projections.

2, to prevent heat deformation: gear blanks in the rough into a fine after forging, normalizing or quenching and tempering treatment

3, to ensure the accuracy of the gear blank: the accuracy of the gear required hole size deviation of the hole left in the middle of the distribution difference, set at ± 0.003 ~ ± 0.005mm; tolerance but if the design of the hole within the requirements to be classified were transferred to the gear step. The gear blank face runout and radial runout of six, will be in the range of 0.01 ~ 0.02mm.

4,gear processing measures: for outsourced tool must be tested gear, AA grade requirements must be met. After grinding gear cutter blade surface prior to the radial direction of the tool, adjacent flute pitch difference, flute pitch maximum accumulated error, and the inner cutter in front of the hole axis parallel inspection.

5,civilized production: gear noise causes more than 30% from the glitch, bump hurt. Some of the gear box factory before assembly, deburring and bump injury, is a passive approach.

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