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Worm reducer worm worm bearing wear and damage failure analysis

Update Time :2013-08-14The view :3017

Worm reducer worm worm bearing wear and damage is a common fault, because it is sliding friction drive, during operation, it will have a higher heat, so that the parts and seals reducer thermal expansion differences between, resulting in the mating side gap, and the fluid temperature as thinning, likely to cause leakage. There are four main reasons, first, whether a reasonable mix of materials, and second friction engagement surface quality, three is the lubricant of choice, add the amount is correct, four assembly quality and the environment.

Worm Wear:

Worm generally use tin bronze, worm materials are generally paired with 45 steel hardened to HRC45-55,

is also commonly used 40C: hardened HRC50-55, the worm grinder grinding to finish RaO. 8fcm, reducer normal operation, the worm like a hardened "rasp", kept cutting and filing worm, the worm wheel blemishes. In general, this wear is slow, like the factory gear unit can be used some more than 10 years. If you wear faster, we must consider the gearhead selection is correct, whether there is overload operation, worm material, assembly quality or environmental reasons.

Worm bearing damage:

Gear failure, even if well sealed gear box, the plant is often found inside the gear reducer oil has been emulsified, bearings are rust, corrosion, damage, this is because the process stopped in transit gear, the

gear oil from the after the thermal cooling cause condensation water produced; course, and also bearing quality, the assembly process methods are closely related.

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